/peɪ/ noun
a salary or wages, money given to someone for regular work
holiday with pay a holiday which an employee can take by contract and for which he or she is paid
verb1. to give money to buy an item or a service
to pay £1,000 for a car
How much did you pay to have the office cleaned?
‘pay cash’ words written on a crossed cheque to show that it can be paid in cash if necessary
to pay in advance to pay before you receive the item bought or before the service has been completed
We had to pay in advance to have the new telephone system installed.
to pay in instalments to pay for an item by giving small amounts regularly
We are buying the van by paying instalments of £500 a month.
to pay cash to pay the complete sum in cash
to pay by cheque to pay by giving a cheque, not by using cash or credit card
to pay by credit card to pay using a credit card, not a cheque or cash
2. to produce or distribute money
to pay a dividend to give shareholders a part of the profits of a company
These shares pay a dividend of 1.5p.
to pay interest to give money as interest on money borrowed or invested
Some building societies pay interest of 5%.
3. to give an employee money for work done
The workforce has not been paid for three weeks.
We pay good wages for skilled workers.
How much do they pay you per hour?
to be paid by the hour to get money for each hour worked
to be paid at piecework rates to get money for each piece of work finished
4. to give money which is owed or which has to be paid
He was late paying the bill.
We phoned to ask when they were going to pay the invoice.
You will have to pay duty on these imports.
She pays tax at the highest rate.
to pay on demand to pay money when it is asked for, not after a period of credit
please pay the sum of £10 please give £10 in cash or by cheque
to pay a cheque into an account to deposit money in the form of a cheque
(NOTE: [all verb senses] payingpaid)
‘…recession encourages communication not because it makes redundancies easier, but because it makes low or zero pay increases easier to accept’ [Economist]
‘…the yield figure means that if you buy the shares at their current price you will be getting 5% before tax on your money if the company pays the same dividend as in its last financial year’ [Investors Chronicle]

Dictionary of banking and finance. 2015.

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